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A s stated in its charter, the purpose of The Men’s Home is “to provide a home-like environment for alcoholics who are sincere in wanting to recover from alcoholism: to provide food, bed, information, fellowship and the sharing of spiritual values which are a part of that recovery; to expose the alcoholic to other recovering alcoholics so that, together, they can regain self respect, confidence, and a useful place in the community; and to help attain sobriety through the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

For the newly recovering man, The Home provides an alternative residence and family environment. It encourages new patterns of social relationships and supports the healing process of alcoholism recovery.

With a singular focus on providing a living environment to help men in early recovery transition to full, healthy, and functional lives, The Men’s Home is not a boarding house or a treatment center. It is not formally affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, although it is supported by many members and groups of the Washington-area AA community through financial and other contributions, resident sponsorship, and fellowship.

The Men’s Home has served recovering men for over 60 years with the sole support of private contributions,  which are tax deductible.

The Men's Home

Holiday Open House

T hanks to everyone who came out for our annual dinner and meeting on December 9th.

A great feast was had, courtesy of our resident’s hard work and the pot luck that folks brought along. It was a good time hanging around and talking with all of our friends, and eating waaay too much.

We started the evening officially at 6:30, although those with bigger appetites came around the top of the hour. We talked and ate until about 7:45, then we got the house in order for the Speakers’ meeting at 8:00.

How it went from there:

  • Frank F., our Chairman, welcomed and thanked everyone for their support this year;
  • John K., a former resident of the Men’s Home, shared some of his experiences;
  • Another former resident, Eric S. spoke about his experiences in the Home and his time since;
  • Halftime featured a raffle hosted by our stalwart raffologist Don T.;
  • Our featured speaker was none other than Randy Luster, manager of the Men’s Home. Randy shared many of his experiences; those leading up to his arrival at 402 Hume and how things had changed since his arrival.

We thank everyone who came out, it is fortunate for us that we have a community like you to call friends. Many of you contributed to the Home this year, we thank you very much for that. We couldn’t do this without you.

We wish you all Happy Holidays and look forward to seeing you next year and for many after.

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